Full Name Toby Smith
Subscibers 1 060 000
Age 17


📷 Camera

What camera does Tubbo use?

Tubbo uses a Logitech C922 Pro webcam.

🎧 Headphone and headsets

What headphone and headsets does Tubbo use?

Tubbo uses Corsair HS50 PRO headset.

🎤 Microphone

What mic does Tubbo use ?

Tubbo uses two mics: AKG P120 and Shure SM7B microphones.

AKG P120 High-Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone

This mic provides the best quality for recording in its price range. In fact, it can beat many more expensive …

Also used by:
Shure SM7B Microphone

It’s a studio-level unidirectional cardioid microphone. This means it picks up the sound from the front and rejects the sounds …


🖱️ Mouse

What mouse does Tubbo use?

Tubbo uses the CORSAIR M65 Pro gaming mouse.

⌨️ Keyboard

What keyboard does Tubbo use?

Tubbo’s gaming keyboard is Corsair K70.

And if you’re interested in the piano keyboard Tubbo uses, it’s Yamaha P45.

Corsair K70 Rapidfire RGB Gaming Keyboard

It’s rigid and quiet. Low profiles keys have a soft touch texture. The extremely convenient wrist rest makes the experience …


🖥️ PC specs

What computer and PC specs does Tubbo use?
EVGA 750 GQ Power supply

A reasonably priced power supply that would work for most PC builds.

Also used by:

Recording software

What recording software does Tubbo use?

Tubbo PC specs

  1. He recently upgraded to a GeForce RTX 3090 and an i9 10th gen

  2. Are you sher he’s using a 750w power supply it might blow

    • That’s what I was thinking, the whole build probably needs 700w but it spikes at times. I would think at least 800w

      • You should always over-spec your power supply. I would go with at least a 1000 watt power supply, cuz of the 3090 alone. Factor in the cpu and even with the 1000 watt, you’re pushing it.

    • Yeah, we saw his box from this exact power supply in his moving stream.

  3. this is sort of weird to ask here and not even about this but do you think you could do one on this youtuber called ibxtoycat?

    if your interested, he uses an xbox one x console, a pc with rtx 2070 super, core i7, 3tb ssd, 32gb ram. He also uses elgato capture card for 4k, and a blue yeti black series

  4. Hi I think that the keyboard is cosair k70 if this help you

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