Full Name Thomas "Tommy" Simons
Subscibers 14 900 000
Age 17


πŸ“· Camera

What camera does Tommyinnit use?

Tommyinnit previously used Logitech c922 webcam. But now he has a new camera and nobody knows what it is. We think that the new 2021 camera Tommyinnit uses is Sony a7 III mirrorless camera. No proof so far, but if you know something, please let us know in the comments section.

🎧 Headphone and headsets

What headphone and headsets does Tommyinnit use?

Tommyinit uses Kingston HyperX Cloud II Red gaming headset. Looks cool, right?

Best seller Kingston HyperX Cloud II Red Headset 3
Kingston HyperX Cloud II Red Headset

HyperX Cloud II are VERY comfortable for wearing all day or long gaming sessions. With the 7.1 virtual surround sound …

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🎀 Microphone

What mic does Tommyinnit use ?

Tommyinit uses AKG P120 high-performance general purpose recording microphone.

Tommyinnit microphone

AKG P120 High-Performance General Purpose Recording Microphone

This mic provides the best quality for recording in its price range. In fact, it can beat many more expensive …

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πŸ–±οΈ Mouse

What mouse does Tommyinnit use?

According to videos on his channel, tommyinnit uses Logitech G Pro wireless gaming mouse for Minecraft gaming.

⌨️ Keyboard

What keyboard does Tommyinnit use?

In one of his videos with the auto click mouse, tommyinnit showed his keyboard with the multimedia key in the top right corner. The keyboard didn’t have the under glow. It looked like one of those Razer keyboards. Upon further inspection we’ve concluded (and we’re 95% sure) that:

tommyinnit uses Razer BlackWidow Elite mechanical gaming keyboard.


What monitor does Tommyinnit have and use?

Tommyinnit uses three monitors. We don’t for sure, but from pics in his Twitter and Instagram we think Tommyinnit uses two ASUS VS247H-P and one monitor that we couldn’t identify. We and the community would be happy if you could help us out. Here are the pictures:

tommyinnit monitors tommyinnit monitors

tommyinnit monitors

tommyinnit monitors

πŸ’Ί Chair

What chair does Tommyinnit have and use?

Tommyinnit uses a normal MARKUS Ikea chair that you can find on Amazon by clicking the link below.

πŸ–₯️ PC specs

What computer and PC specs does Tommyinnit use?
AMD Ryzen 9 3950x CPU

Super powerful 16-Core, 32-Thread CPU is perfect for hardcore gaming and video editing.

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Recording software

What recording software does Tommyinnit use?

Tommyinnit uses GoXLR mixer and OBS for streaming and recording.

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  1. How do you know he uses the AK P120? Is there any proof?

  2. He did a q&a on stream and revealed he uses the AKG p120
    Here’s the link to the Q&A video from a fan channel.

  3. What key switch does he use?

  4. Pretty sure its the Audio Technica AT2020

  5. does the akg p120 need anything extra to make it work

  6. In one of his streams, QandA stream, he says that he uses the AKG P120… so yea

  7. he uses the AudioTechnica AT2020 microphone. He took it off the boom arm once, and I saw. Also, he said so lol

  8. you need to update his webcam

  9. One question: where did you guys find his pc specs?

  10. Please update his new camera

  11. He actually uses an Elgato GoXLR. You can see this in his latest vod (07/01/2021) that he has the GoXLR software open in the background and configured.

  12. what recording software does he use

  13. do you know which monitor he uses?

  14. He has a new camera he says what it is in one of his vods. I think its the one on christmas or boxing day

  15. By the way, he uses Adobe premier pro for editing. In a few of his videos yo could se the Pr on the bottom of the screen

  16. How do you know the mic is the ak p120 it could be the audio techea at2020

  17. i’ve seen one of Tommy’s recent TikToks and the Camera looks like the Sony a7 III with a 28-70mm Lens

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