Full Name Clay ?
Subscibers 31 800 000
Age 21


🎤 Microphone

What mic does Dream use ?

Dream uses Shure SM7B mic.

⌨️ Keyboard

What keyboard does Dream use?

In one of the Tubbo’s MCC practice stream Dream mentioned that he uses a Logitech keyboard. And if you pay attention, in a couple of streams and videos you can clearly hear the distinct sound of a GX blue switch. So we came to this conclusion:

Dream uses Logitech G815 Mechanical Keyboard with GX blue clicky key switches for Minecraft gaming.

Other possible options are:

  • Logitech G915
  • Logitech G910
  • Logitech G513


What monitor does Dream have and use?

On his YouTube channel in one of his giveaway videos where he gave the money to buy stuff, Dream mentions that he has a monitor that sapnap wanted to buy. Based on this claim, we come to this conclusion:

Dream uses Acer Nitro VG271U Pbmiipx 27″ WQHD monitor for gaming and video editing.

Dream is a YouTuber and Minecraft gamer with more than 11M subscribers on YouTube. He never shows his face or his equipment but our detectives has collected all the clues throughout his channel and collected an ultimate list of equipment that Dream the Minecraft legend uses.

  1. How do you know what dreams microphone is? The Shure sm7b is a good mic, but his voice sounds like he uses the Rode Podmic, not the Shure sm7b. I am not saying your wrong I would just like some proof because I was looking in investing in the same mic he has. Thanks

    • Unfortunately, we haven’t saved the source for this info. We couldn’t remember where we got it.
      But you can take it as our best guess.

  2. Hey I have noticed that you have listed the graphics card he uses is a 2080 in one of his streams he pressed f3 to show his specs and he had a 2080 SUPER.

  3. Why does he use three keyboards???????

    • It’s not that he uses three keyboards. We just aren’t sure which one exactly. Our best guess is Logitech G815 because of the distinctive sound it makes. But it can be one of the other two as well.

  4. So uhm I was looking for what mouse he uses and I couldn’t find it…

  5. In the video where tommyinnit speaks to dreams sister, dream tells his sister “give me the headset!”, so that impies he uses a headset/headphones. You dont have to write it because it’ll be hard to figure out, but just wanted to let you know

  6. What mouse does Dream uses. Please get back to me As soon as possible and thank you for all the description about dream’s gaming equipment. 🙂

  7. In one of his Q&A’s he was asked what he uses to edit, he uses Final Cut Pro.
    Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_jAzUf6V9oI 3:07 is the time stamp.

  8. How did you find Dream’s monitor?

    • Can’t remember really 😀
      But I think he said it in the video where he gave $5k to George that he’s got the same.

  9. I’m new to building pc’s but the motherboords cpu socket is f21 and the cpu is lga1151

  10. HOw did you get all of this info when he never shows it?

    • Every once in a while he drops the clues in his videos. Like you can see some of the specs from his F3 screen. He also told George he uses the same monitor and some other stuff that George uses. We try to pay attention to the details. The community also helps with the updates if we miss something.

  11. Dream just labeled his whole setup on his Twitch About page.

  12. You can see dreams setup in GeorgenotFounds video where he meets Dream at 8:39, two things i noticed, the first is that he uses the Logitech G915, you can see the controls on top of the keyboard aswell as the scroll wheel, also i think he has custom white keycaps on some of the keys on the far left, also he uses the wrist rest from the Logitech G513, the G513 might be an old keyboard he used to use so you could maybe include that. And the second thing is that he has his mouse on the left for some reason, i cant see what the type of mouse is but it isnt the Razer DeathAdder since the one he has is a different shape and doesnt have a wire. You can look over and add some of the things you didn’t have before, like the Goxlr that he has, or the stream deck.

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