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About us 1“There was an idea” …

… to create a remarkable resource for beginner creators that would help them in their journey to becoming a successful influencer.

Hi! My name is David and welcome to Gear Helper

I’m a video marketer, a crypto enthusiast, and an MCU fan.

Me and my team are the people behind the Gear Helper.

What is Gear Helper?

Gear Helper is an informational resource for beginner creators who need help in starting out. Here, we share some tips and tactics on how to get viewers and subscribers on such platforms like Youtube or Twitch and how to make money off these platforms. We cover some technical stuff including tutorials and guides on setting up the channel, the monetization, SEO, etc.

We also create equipment buyer’s guides to make sure that you buy the best gear that you may need and explain why you may not need the other. We understand that a lot of you guys start on a low budget and copying the leaders’ equipment may not be the best idea. There are cheaper alternatives and we try to review all of them and explain why one is better than the other.

We’ve spent HOURS of research or tests on every piece to help you make an educated buying decision. I (personally) promise you’ll get the best cameras, mics, lights and other equipment for the money.

I’m not referring to myself as an expert in everything, but I and my team have some successful experience of growing Youtube channels. And I’d be happy to share my knowledge and my perspective with you guys.

Affiliate Disclosure

We put affiliate links in our reviews and may earn some money from your purchases. But that in no way affects our reviews. They’re absolutely honest and unbiased to the greatest extent possible. We would not recommend a product that we can’t swear by.

About us 2

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