Full Name Darren Watkins Jr
Subscibers 23 000 000
Age 18


📷 Camera

What camera does IShowSpeed use?

iShowSpeed uses Spedal Webcam 1080p 60fps. iShowSpeed camera webcam

Spedal Webcam 1080p 60fps

A super cheap webcam that would just do the job.

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🎧 Headphone and headsets

What headphone and headsets does IShowSpeed use?

IShowSpeed uses a cheap ass Nubwo N7 headset.

IShowSpeed Headset

NUBWO N7 Gaming Headset

A cheap ass gaming headset with a noise canceling microphone. Super cheap. Super cool.

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🎤 Microphone

What mic does IShowSpeed use ?

iShowSpeed uses Blue Snowball USB Microphone.

Best seller Blue Snowball USB Microphone 3
Blue Snowball USB Microphone

The sound quality is great. Mic looks spectacular. And with a pop filter your voice will sound crystal clear. It’s …

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🖱️ Mouse

What mouse does IShowSpeed use?

iShowSpeed uses CyberpowerPC Mouse Elite M1-131.

CyberpowerPC Mouse Elite M1-131

It’s a mouse that only comes with a bundle with this PC.

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⌨️ Keyboard

What keyboard does IShowSpeed use?

iShowSpeed uses two different keyboards for PC and PS5: CyberpowerPC Keyboard Nohi 01 that comes in a bundle with a CyberpowerPC and a Rii RK100+ Keyboard that costs about $15. Check them out below:

ishospeed pc keyboard

CyberpowerPC NOHI 01 Keyboard

CyberpowerPC comes in a bundle with a mouse and a keyboard.

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Rii RK100+ Gamin Keyboard

Another cheap keyboard that you can buy below $20

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What monitor does IShowSpeed have and use?

iShowSpeed uses Viotek GFV22CB monitor. Another one we couldn’t identify.

Viotek GFV22CB Monitor

Relatively cheap 144Hz 22 inch monitor.

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🖥️ PC specs

What computer and PC specs does IShowSpeed use?
CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtreme

CyberpowerPC Gamer Xtra System Specs: Intel Core i7-11700KF 3.6GHz 8-Core, Intel Z590 Chipset, 16GB DDR4, 1TB PCI-E NVMe SSD, 1TB …

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